Backyard Pollinator Stories

Photo by Cam McLeod, Santa Fe Cherries

Please take a moment to share your positive experiences with Backyard Pollinator products and the leafcutter bees that come with them. We look forward to seeing your photos and reading your stories.

For questions or concerns please be in touch via
Jed & Kathy


"Pollination has improved significantly with the help of leafcutter bees acquired from Backyard Pollinators at Imperial, Sask. The bees ensure more even pollination throughout the orchard, McLeod says."  See full  Western Producer article

2 Replies to “Backyard Pollinator Stories”

  1. I purchased some back yard pollinators last year because Jed told me the bee’s would not bother me. Once they hatched, they were a pleasure to have around. For 7 years I have been fighting a wasp problem and last summer I never seen a single wasp in my back yard. I will certainly have back yard pollinators in my yard from now on.

  2. Montessori School of Regina is excited to share that our Grade 4 – 8 class went to Imperial, Saskatchewan to visit the Backyard Pollinator! The children had an amazing time learning about Leafcutter Bees and making their own Backyard Pollinators! These bees and pollinators are helping to increase the bee population.

    We want to say thank you to the Backyard Pollinator for welcoming us to your farm and teaching our Grade 4 – 8’s the benefits of bees and the importance of pollination!

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