Commercial Alfalfa Seed and Leaf Cutter Bee Operation

A large field of alfalfa in full flower with bee domes – July 2017

A large field of alfalfa in full flower with bee domes – July 2017

With the purchase of a Backyard Pollinator you are receiving a small piece of our farm. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at the operations and hard work required to manage commercial leafcutter bees.

We have 2,000 acres of alfalfa seed to grow and pollinate and an additional 1,000 acres of grains and pulses. Crops such as wheat are used to prepare the land for new alfalfa acres. Lentils are often used to under seed new alfalfa. Alfalfa seed is a perennial crop which produces seed for 3 to 5 years.

We will walk you through a 12 month farming cycle beginning in March…. about the time you begin thinking “I need to order my Backyard Pollinator.”

General Overview of Warehouse Operations
This tour leads you through the process of splitting and punching Leafcutter Bee nesting blocks with a detailed look at our Pinamatic machines.

Alfalfa Seed Being Cleaned & Packaged For Sale
Our seed cleaning is contracted to Gunther Seed Farm and Lance, John and Ben do a high-quality job.   Premium, low weed count alfalfa seed is the product we strive to produce for the marketplace.  There are five stages to seed cleaning, with a Screener Machine, an Indent Machine (not in this video), a Gravity Table, a Velvet Roller and (4) Spirals.