Backyard Pollinator products are unique – the nesting blocks contain live leafcutter bee larvae ready to hatch, fly and pollinate in the warm summer months.


Backyard Pollinator products appeal to the curiosity of nature enthusiasts of all ages and will bring satisfaction and enjoyment to everyone who wants to improve their local environment through pollination.

Leafcutter bees are gentle and non-aggressive solitary bees which stay close to their home. They are also known as SUPER POLLINATORS carrying dry pollen on their hairy underside and leaving some of this pollen on every flower they visit.


Leafcutter bees are very small and will work in unison with other types of bees. A single female leafcutter bee may visit thousands of blossoms in a day.  If there are adequate flowers to forage on, this small bee will stay within 100-200 metres of their nesting habitat so the benefits of their pollination will be seen close at hand.

“Your business is so fascinating. Thank you for the pictures, the explanations of your farm and bee work and for letting us city folks have leaf cutter bee barns in our yards to try to help the world in one small way.”
Lauren D.

“Hello, this is our first year with your bees. Absolutely delightful!”
Carrie K.

“My block is happily spending its 3rd winter in the bar fridge. It’s jam packed full again this year. They are such a joy to have and my yard has been so productive.”
Rachel K.