Retail Locations

Western Canada & Ontario

  •  Peavey Mart Stores (formerly TSC) 


Peavey Mart stores stock our Cedar Pre-Built & DIY Bee Barns on a year-round basis. The Barns can be purchased in-store or ordered online.

Cedar Pre-Built Barn

Cedar DIY Barn




#330A - next to Saboroso restaurant

Moose Jaw:

**Please note** To increase the shelf life of the Backyard Pollinator units, some retail locations carry Pre-Built or DIY Solitary Bee Barns which do not contain leafcutter bee larvae.  These Barns will have a coded sticker on the bottom which can be redeemed between February 1st and June 30th of each year.  E-mail your code to and we will send you a 25g bag of Hatch & Release Loose Cocoons FREE of charge via Canada Post.

Some retail locations only carry our products seasonally, please contact the store closest to you for availability.