Retail Locations

Pre-bult Bee Barn with Larvae

DIY Bee Barn with Larvae

Loose Leafcutter Bee Cocoons


Find Backyard Pollinator Pre-Built Solitary Bee Barns and DIY Solitary Bee Barn Kits in the following retail locations:

  • Saskatoon:
      • Dutch Growers – Saskatoon
        1818 Central Avenue, Saskatoon, SK
        (306) 249-1222
      • Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop
        2600 8 St E #330A, Saskatoon, SK
        (Next to Saboroso restaurant)
        (306) 955-2473
  • Regina:
      • Handmade Saskatchewan
        Northgate Mall - 489 Albert St N, Unit 29A, Regina, SK
  • Moose Jaw:
      • The Wandering Market
        2-461 Athabasca Street E
        (306) 648-8067
  • Nipawin:
      • Nipawin Greenhouses
        819 8th Street W
        (306) 862-2534
  • Melfort:
      • Wright’s Greenhouse
        605 Saskatchewan Ave E
        (306) 752-3802

**Please note** To increase the shelf life of the Backyard Pollinator units, most retail locations carry products which do not contain leafcutter bee larvae. Some stores may stock 25g bags of Hatch & Release Loose Cocoons which can be purchased separately.