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The Backyard Pollinator is the new norm in affordability for the Leafcutter Bee enthusiast.

Located in Central Saskatchewan, our leafcutter bees are isolated from other commercial operations. Solid management practices plus the isolation factor means we are able to guarantee low parasite and chalk-brood free products.

All products contain a complimentary 5 gram package of Wildflower Pollinator Mix. Plant this nearby to provide nectar and pollen for all the pollinator species in your garden..

There is minimal waste with all our products, the packaging is designed to be dual-purpose and not discarded. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

Leafcutters are ecological and environmentally friendly, beneficial insects. Leafcutter bee keeping supplies and bees for sale

All of our products are for end users only and not to be re-sold.

Bulk orders for clubs, schools groups and associations will receive a discount. Please contact for details.

Retailers may inquire for 500+ unit orders.

Canada and
the United States.


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