Leafcutter Bees & You

Children can get close leafcutter bees without worry - child and a sunflower

Little girl getting close to a sunflower

Leafcutter bees, a Backyard Pollinator and you.  Our easy system is YOUR LINK to this new friendship.

The Backyard Pollinator is an essential item for curious children, avid gardeners, nature lovers, budding entomolgists, excited Grandparents, super Moms, cool Dads, the ecologically aware and entry level beekeepers.

This product is a piece of our farm scaled down to fit any situation whether in your backyard, on an apartment window, in a classroom and everywhere in between.

  • Allow leafcutter bees to bring you into a closer relationship with the natural world.
  • Share this exciting experience with family members to reconnect all generations.
  • Stimulate the curious minds and encourage outdoor activity for children by observing leafcutter bees at work.
  • Learn some life lessons from leaf cutter bees. The entirety of nature from this tiny bee to the largest tree are intertwined and have a purpose.
  • Encourage yourself to relax. Simply sit in the sun near your Backyard Pollinator, close your eyes and listen to the hum.
  • Discover a greater understanding of creation and nature by observing leafcutter bees as they fly, mate, forage, find shelter and pollinate flowers.
Butterfly kisses

Butterfly kisses

Leafcutter bees are beneficial and friendly insects, good for the environment

Photo by Mark Higgins
Leafcutter bee sits calmly on Mark’s hand

From Vancouver to Nova Scotia, from Alaska to Florida, the Backyard Pollinator is our way of getting leafcutter bees to you in a convenient package, at an affordable price.

The true value of a Backyard Pollinator is not what comes inside the package. It is the a magical experiences you will encounter during the growing season.

Are you ready to enhance your whole life adventure and rediscover the connection to important values that have been lost in the daily grind of life?

Jed and the kids enjoying a fishing trip

Jed and the kids enjoying a fishing trip

Seniors will enjoy watching leafcutter bees using backyard pollinator

Kathy’s 'Grandma Mac'
who truly loved being outdoors


Some of the big questions in life can be answered by taking the time to observe bees. We hope you are convinced to allow a Backyard Pollinator to impact your life and garden.