Leafcutter Bees & You

Leafcutter bee pollinating a cosmos flower

Leafcutter bees bring you into a closer relationship with the natural world. They are beneficial and friendly insects, good for the environment.

While the thought of bees can make some people nervous, Leafcutter bees are different from other common bees. They’re not aggressive and you don’t need any protective equipment around them. In fact, you can get quite close to leafcutter bees - just use a little common sense. To the best of our knowledge, leafcutter bees do not cause acute allergic reactions.

These non-aggressive, solitary bees fit in well in both urban and rural settings. Take a piece of our family farm right to your own backyard to make your world a better place and to have a multifaceted experience away from the busyness of everyday life. In an under-pollinated world, our little leafcutters will work to make your yard and garden the best it can be.

Leafcutter bees are friendly, efficient, and fun. They’re the best little bees to have around your family and your home. They’re the species of choice for flower pollination (especially alfalfa) and they do their job with little fuss. Simply place them in a warm, dry place and you won’t need to do much more for them! Just sit back and have fun watching them grow and work at pollinating the flowering plants in your yard.

We offer you a piece of our farm scaled down to fit any situation, whether in your backyard, on an apartment window, in a classroom, and everywhere in between. From Vancouver to Nova Scotia, from Alaska to Florida, the Backyard Pollinator is our way of getting leafcutter bees to you in a convenient package, at an affordable price.

Male Leaf Cutter Bee

Male leafcutter bee, note the green eyes.

Backyard Pollinator unit,
wooden frame not included.

Discover the lifecycle of these amazing creatures and watch them pollinate and reproduce. We will send you an individual block of leafcutter bee nesting habitat which contains bee larvae ready to hatch in warm weather. Place it in a dry, warm area where you can observe the activity of the leafcutter bees as they pollinate nearby flowers.

Along with the Backyard Pollinator Boxes, we also offer Hatch & Release Leafcutter Bees.

Leafcutter bees for your back yard and garden are friendly, efficient, and fun to watch for the whole family and the growing community of ecologically aware gardeners.


Some of the big questions in life can be answered by taking the time to observe bees. We hope you are convinced to allow a Backyard Pollinator to impact your life and garden.

Jed and Kathy Williams farm in Imperial, Saskatchewan, specializing in Alfalfa seed and Leafcutter bee production.

Tour our operation to learn what we do and to meet our bees. The Backyard Pollinator appeals to the curiosity of nature enthusiasts of all ages and will bring satisfaction and enjoyment to everyone who wants to improve their local environment through pollination.